EBV supplying core components

As governments all around the world make tremendous efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, policymakers are presented with the same amount of responsibility to choose the wisest contingency plans. Sadly, Europe has not managed to contain the coronavirus epidemic in its infancy. We are all responsible for keeping this pandemic under control, and the least that we can do is limit our social interactions to an absolute minimum.
It was just a matter of a few weeks that Italy went from the discovery of the first official COVID-19 case to a complete lockdown. Italy’s healthcare system is struggling to provide all the necessary care for the ones in pressing need. The biggest challenge remains the one that health care professionals are facing while attempting to care for all patients in need, in an overwhelmed medical infrastructure. Statistically, one in six COVID-19 patients develops respiratory difficulties and is potentially in need of a medical ventilator.

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As Italy continues to struggle with a large number of coronavirus cases, in order to meet the demand for the necessary medical equipment, Italy’s government has commissioned the emergency production of 2000 ventilators for the seriously sick patients. Genesi Elettronica, a company designs customizable electronic boards for the industrial sector is to meet the emergency demand for this sort of medical equipment, in partnership with Siare Engineering, which is producing high standard technology for respiratory assistance. EBV will be priority supplying the core components like microcontrollers and sensors for this medical application. In the field of respiratory assistance for the medical sector, Genesi Elettronica has reached remarkable expertise in the electronic boards production for lung ventilators for hospital and home use.
EBV made it a priority to ship the needed electronics for emergency production needs in the beginning of April, which, in turn, supported the Italian coronavirus emergency relief plan.
EBV will continue to assess the development of this situation. Our distribution centers will remain open and operating normally, as we have measures set in place in order to protect our employees while maximizing efficiency at a reduced risk. We are collecting data from our manufacturing partners and freight forwarders to establish a clear picture of the flow of goods and the delivery situation per country. We have made it our priority to supply equipment to the production teams in the medical industry during these unprecedented times.

EBV supplying core components

We are facing an emergency that none of the last three generations have ever lived.
With these posts that talk about both our diligence and that one of the supply chain we don’t want to identify ourselves as superheroes of the situation, but we would like to communicate you that we are doing our best hoping to comfort you through direct and indisputable information.

People start to be confused and uncertain because every day the mass media tell us a new theory that is then denied or even overturned.

We are not developing theories, we keep you informed about the work we are doing hoping to instill you the optimism that is necessary to go on with motivation in this daily struggle.

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Genesi Elettronica is still working to produce and deliver the heart of the lung ventilators for intensive care to Siare.
On commission from the customer, Genesi developed all the electronic boards, interfaces, actuators and sensors of the complex lung ventilator and now is producing them for the Covid-19 emergency.
This is the result of many years of intensive research and development and continuous trials.

This kind of lung ventilators are produced only by a few companies in the world, that are now swamped by the requests to deal with the health crisis.

Be reassured that Genesi is playing its part and continues to make efforts to increase the production.

A greeting and a hug to all and stay at home a little longer…


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