Genesi Elettronica commitment and hard works Vs. Corona Virus. (From: "Il Resto del Carlino" magazine).
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At this time of uncertainty it is good to know that some companies are making more efforts to overcome a situation that we were used to see only in apocalyptic tv series or movies until a few days ago.
We are talking about a company from Spilamberto, near Modena, in the North of Italy. Genesi Elettronica has been designing and manufacturing custom components since 1991 and boasts high-level parternships. In these days it is necessary to increase the productivity to support Siare Engineering, the only italian company that manufactures lung ventilators. These devices are able to save many people that are in intensive care due to the coronavirus.
Genesi, that produces also electronic boards for the lung ventilators, and Siare are working hard to increase the supplies. Now more than ever it is indispensable to provide these prodigious machines throughout the country. Genesi staff is facing the overwork with self-sacrifice and is satisfied to contribute to the common effort to prevail over the current tough time as soon as possible and with as little inconvenience.
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GENESI ELETTRONICA SRL - VIA BACHELET, 3/A - 41057 SPILAMBERTO (MO) - ITALY - P.IVA IT02100940366 - TEL. +39 059 785566

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