Innovative Sorting Solutions

In the last past years, as concerned the optical sorting machineries employed with industrial vision systems, we have observed a great evolution of the new models: - larger and larger machineries dimensions - faster passage of the product to be selected - new product types to be selected (aggregates, waste, plastics, organic materials) For these reasons, increasingly faster and more defined linear or matrix high speed cameras with RGB, NIR, InGaAs have been used to acquire images in many spectrums to detect the different types of defects, colour, ripeness degree and humidity level. Regarding our application areas, lighting and control, we have seen the following evolution: - Until the early 2000s: lighting with halogen lamps and spectrum filters - Later: lighting with power leds for continuous use of the various spectrums; white, red, infrared, etc. - Currently: development of modulating strobe use led solutions with high power and different types of wavelength. This evolution has paved the way to the use of specialised lighting systems with increasing lengths, multispectrum and unthinkable light power until some years ago. From these requirements requested by our customers, a new project was born.
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The GEVX project, a new generation light source with wide spectrum focusing lens, is able to: • Focus the luminous flux from 350 to 1600 nm under 5° • Support high light powers without using active dissipations • Reach lengths from 4 to more than 300 cm with self-supporting structure • Manage combined emissions of white/IR or RGB on a single GEVX bar
Currently the several versions of this product are used by our customers on new models of fresh fruit and seeds sorting machineries. In the sorting world the machineries manufacturers need to equip their products with the more efficient and reliable industrial vision technology to keep up with the competition. Genesi makes its own contribution providing the suitable lighting and control solutions.

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