This year marks the Thirtieth Anniversary of the founding of GENESI (11 January 2021), and we would like to remind that on 26 February last, the workers team prepared a small party, dedicating us a short but "touching" article in a newspaper and a celebration in the courtyard area of the company...  in a few moments we all gathered together, workers and owners in a circle (trying to respect the appropriate distances required by the difficult historical moment in which we find ourselves).

Everything was done in a very short time, a little less than an hour, but it was full of events: the participation of our mayor Umberto Costantini who expended a very pleasing word on our work, above all in the 2020 Covid period and on the high regard he has for our way of doing business in the area.To frame the celebration there was a colourful balloon throw and finally the team of workers gifted us a plant that we immediately put in the garden and we hope to see it grow lushly together with our company development.

We started this adventure 30 years ago, at the beginning there were two business partners and a few workers, year after year the company has grown, in the last seven years 28 new employees were hired. Today we are almost 48 people and the 40% is under 30 years old. Every position, also the youngest gives an important contribution and it is supported and coordinated by the skilled positions who have been working in the company for many years. Together we cooperate to develop the firm trying to guarantee a future and interesting projects every day.