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Industrial Metric Led Bar (IMB)

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The new industrial automation processes, resulting from recent technological developments underlying both improved working conditions and the creation of new business models, may be regarded as the driving force behind the latest innovations in the industrial lighting solutions developed by Genesi Elettronica.

The Industrial Metric Led Bar (IMB) is the perfect representation. Designed to ensure full compatibility with Industry 4.0 this is an efficient interconnection between industrial processes where the use of sensors, optical barriers, displays, laser pointers and sirens are of outmost importance. The aforementioned statement is achieved through the adoption of a LED illuminator, being it a human-machine visual communication system.

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The IMB is suitable for several industrial applications, such as:
  • Machine loading indicator;
  • LED light signal;
  • Machine, cobot or industrial plant position indicators;
  • Product tracing after machine vision.

The product, developed to meet the company consumer’s demand, can be defined as a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for machine integration, while meeting the required safety and reliability parameters.

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To make the transmission of information collected by the sensor effective and reproduce it, the IMB is equipped with a communication system that works in conjunction with a PLC logic unit, which allows serial communication.

It comprises two sensors for the detection of, respectively, the speed of the running belt and the passage of the colour in a continuous mode. In particular, the latter sensor being mentioned, supplied by Datalogic, is able to detect the colours belonging to the RGB scale, as well as black and white. This feature fits perfectly with the IMB manufactured by Genesi, which, as a result of the combined signal provided by both sensors, is able to reproduce the colour information sent in a continuous and synchronous mode by the object on the belt.

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In conclusion, what makes Genesi’s product unique in its field are the hereunder technical specifications:
  • RS485 or CANBus native communication standard, with Ethernet, EtherCat, IO-LINK interface accessories;
  • RGB LED Colour;
  • LED definition from 4mm to 10mm and bar modularity with 25cm LED bar.
  • Physical position addressing for each 25cm module up to a length of 16mt with modular parts up to a maximum length of 4mt;
  • Driving speed of each individual LED up to 500 changes per second;
  • Integrated light output to adapt to ambient lighting conditions;
  • Electrical and mechanical safeties designed for industrial environments;
  • 24Vdc;
  • IP65.
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